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All houses | Inside and out

“Fixed my problem very fast and now my home has no animal problems”  Mohammad Ahkmed 

“The guys were great and really helped to get rid of our cockroach problem, will definitely call them again if needed” Jonathan Moore

“Very good job, made my home feel very safe for me and my family, very happy” Martin Berchtold 

Pest Control Dubai

Emergency Services, Call Elite Pest Control Dubai

Elite pest control Dubai offers a 24hr emergency service and we always have someone on call to pick up the phone and help with your pest problem. make sure to call us ASAP and we will rush over to help.

All Pests Exterminated

Our pest control technicians have been trained to be able to get rid of all pests and make sure that they are gone for good. Rats. cockroaches, mice, insects, spiders, wasps all gone. We have never had a job that we couldn't do and have always left all properties safe from all pest .

Best Value For Money

We aim to make sure all of our customers get a good price for the work that we carry out. Especially in a stressful situation like finding pests in your home. We use the best pesticides and make sure that everything is non toxic to humans. Our service is backed by our personal warranty which means you can be sure that your home will be secure. Our Pest Control team have all been trained and are fully licensed. Meaning they are very good at their jobs. We make sure to use only the best tools and make sure that all jobs are completed to the highest standards

Fully Licenced and Trained

All of our pest control team are fully licensed and have been fully trained by us. We make sure that we only employ the best people and are technicians are the best in Dubai.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work very hard to make sure that our customers are happy with the work that we do. Our pest control dubai technicians won't leave until you are happy with the job.

Great Customer Service

We have helped Dubai with its pest problems for over 10 years and we have always focused on customer service. We are always happy to help and are only a phone call away

Commercial Accounts Offered

Here at Elite pest control Dubai we offer both commercial and residential pest extermination. And pest control services, all at your convenience. Our team in fully equipped to hand all of your pest problems and you’ll have a hard time trying to find a job we can’t handle.  Our pest control experts are fully trained. And have years of experience which means we will find the quickest and most effective way to get rid of your pest problems. Our aim is to make sure that every home in Dubai is a safe haven from pests and unwanted animals.

Elite Pest Control Dubai

 Services at Elite Pest Control Dubai

Here at Elite Pest Control Dubai, we offer all types of pest control services, from home and residential to commercial and business packages. We offer both monthly packages as well as emergency call outs. Our main aim is complete customer satisfaction. Because of this our pest control dubai technicians aim to get to your location ASAP, usually with the hour. We also keep call out teams that are fully equipped to take care of all of your pest problems. Feel free to call us whenever you have a pest control dubai problem.

Picking A Pest Control Company

Whether picking a pest control company in an emergency or in advance for your business. You should ensure that your Pest control company is one that can handle all of your needs. Here at Elite Pest control Sharjah and Dubai we offer emergency services throughout Dubai and Sharjah and have the capacity to handle all of your commercial pest control needs.

Fully Trained Pest Control Sharjah and Dubai Technicians

In the UAE all pest control companies have to be licensed and trained before they can offer any pest control services. Making sure that the pest control company that you choose is liecened is extremely important before allowing anyone into your home. Here at Elite pest control Sharjah and Dubai we are fully honest. Making sure that our customers know exactly what will be happening in there home.

We aim to be the most trusted pest control company in both Dubai and Sharjah. So if you notice the signs of any pests in your home and need pest control sharjah or dubai. Then make sure to call us as soon as possible. We will ruch over to help and with a team that has over 60 years of experience between them. You can be sure that our team will help.

Fully Licensed

All of our Pest control Sharjah and Dubai technicians are fully licensed to work in Dubai as pest control exterminators. They all have fully up to date certificates showing that they are all experts in what they do.

How much does Elite Pest Control Sharjah Charge?

A good pest control company is priceless when you need them most. To get rid of the pests in your home and protect their family most people would spend whatever they had to. But that doesn’t mean that it has to but a huge dent in your wallet. We aim to never take advantage of our customers that are in vulnerable situations. We will give you a quote over the phone and that is the price that you can expect to pay.

How Fast Are Elite Pest Control Dubai?

we are able to get to most of our customer within the hour as we have multiple exterminators responsible for different areas of Dubai and Sharjah.

Where are you based?

Our main offices are situated in the the middle of both Dubai and Sharjah. But as mentioned above we have multiple pest control teams that are responsible for different parts of Dubai and Sharjah.

How To Make My Home More Secure?

You can make some simple changes to make you home a lot safer from pests. The first task should be instilling good habits. Make sure that you never leave any food out. This can be a huge attraction to all types of pests. So putting food into the fridge and storage containers will make your home less attractive to pests. The next step will be to place anti pests products around your home, these will deter pest and keep them at bay. Another is to make sure that you have a bin that is covered with a lid. Putting food waste in the bin and not covering it will lead to pests as they can smell the food.

As you can see all these small habits can add up and lead to your home being safer against pests. Also making you home more secure will lead more pests being kept outside. Making sure that all windows are locked or installing a pest shield can help enormously from pests being able to enter your home in the first place. Elite Pest Control Sharjah can give advice to those that need it. Give a call to see how we can help keep you home safe

Can Elite Pest Control Dubai Make My Home Safer?

Yes! That is our job and keeping the homes of Dubai and Sharjah safe is what we do best. No matter what pest issues you have we are sure that we can help you solve them. Our skilled pest control Sharjah technicians will make sure that you home is pest free and will not rest until you feel safe.

Make sure to give us a call if you have any issue with pest, or even if you want to have your home checked over. All you have to do is give us a call and set up a meeting with us where our exterminators will arrive at your home to give it a once over. All of our pest control Dubai technicians have years of experience and will point out all the weaknesses that your home may have. Afterwards they will give you a rundown of the issues and talk you through solving these if you wish.

You can also give us a call if you would like advice on how to deal with other pest issues. Our Pest control Sharjah agents are very knowledgeable and may be able to help you over the phone if needed. We make sure that our customers are happy and will not leave until you are happy with the job that has been carried out.

Elite Pest Control And Your Garden

Unsurprisingly most of the pests that enter your home, enter through your garden. This is why our Pest control Sharjah exterminators will make sure to check your garden. They will check to make sure that there are no nests hiding in your bushes that could enter your home.

Our pest control Sharjah technicians will also make sure to give you tips on how to make your garden more secure and a deterrent from pests and insects. Helping keep pests away for longer and keeping you whole residence pest free.

Prevention Methods to Avoid Pests In Dubai and Sharjah

Keeping pests out of your home can be half the battle. Preventing pests from entering your home in the first place can lead to you feeling safer and more secure in your home. There are many methods that you can choose to take if you would like to keep pests from entering your home.

As well as those mentioned above about instilling good habits to keep pests from being attracted to your home. You can also install more preventative methods as a form of defence.

Plugins – by installing plugins around your home, you will prevent insects from wanting to stay in your house after getting in. They work by creating an environment that agitates the insects and forces them to leave and are best as getting rid of mosquitos.

Window covers – A much more reliable way of keeping pests out are window covers. These are wire mesh covers that are placed over windows so that windows can be opened to allow the fresh air but keep bugs and insects out. They are best as keeping any insect that can fly from getting into your home.

Eliminating hiding places – Pests love hiding, and your home likely has hiding places that you know nothing about. Small crevices. Gaps in the flooring. Holes in the walls. All of these places can by prime spots for pests to hide. By eliminating these you reduce the amount of spots in your home that pests can hide. Our pest control Dubai technicians will be able to spot these and point them out.

Elite Pest Control Property Inspections

By getting one of our team to give your home and inspection. You’ll end up being able to make changes that have huge returns. Not only by making your home safer but by making you feel more secure in your home. Allowing you to have peace of mind that your family is safe from pests.

These changes can often be done in no time and can be easily implemented. For example, filling in all open gaps in your home can be done in an afternoon will little cost. Whilst having huge returns as this greatly reduces where pests can hide and make their nests.

Our Elite Pest Control Sharjah and Dubai technicians are experts in home inspections. They go through your home inch by inch to make sure that they find all the problem areas and then provide a report highlighting your homes weaknesses. They will then give a break down on everything that can be done to improve your home against pests and insects. This check will include both indoor and outdoor checks so you can be sure that you get full a 360 inspection.

Elite Pest Control Dubai Commercial Solutions

If you need a commercial pest control solution, we are sure we are the company for you. We are able to accomodate all types of businesses and their commercial needs. Whether that be hotels needing pest control and derent services. School and universities needing ongoing pest support. Apartment complexes needing on call pest extermination. Or restaurants needing to maintain their food and hygiene requirements.

We build the highest quality business solutions that can help all types of businesses and ensure that there premises are completely pest free. We build these with each individual business in mind so that the plans are completely tailored to you.

Building and maintaining long term partnerships with our clients is something that we excel at. We do this by starting with a blank slate and building a pest control solution around what our clients main needs are. By tailoring our commercial packages this way it allows our clients to have complete control over what they are paying for. It also allows for solutions to be around your business so that you do not need to compromise.

Elite Pest Control Dubai

Do you need a pest control company to help support your business? For your hotel? Your restaurant? Your bar? what ever your business maybe. Give us a call and we are sure that we will be able to come up with a solution that works for you.

We understand the importance of making sure that your company runs as smoothly as possible.  Any disruption in business can have huge effects on your business and can result in hard times. So making sure that this is minimised should be a priority. Having Elite Pest Control Sharjah and Dubai by your side will ensure that you won’t have many days off because of a pest problem.

Advantages Of Using Elite Pest Control

  • Commercial packages for all types of businesses
  • Full business premises inspections.
  • Emergency call out priority
  • All budgets accepted
  • Great value

We are national company that operates throughout Dubai and Sharjah. And have stations all over meaning we are able to get to most call with in the hour. This means that if you have an emergency we will be able to respond very quickly and get you back up and running.

From our most basic to our most inclusive business packages offer everything that your business needs. We have structured these so that businesses can pick the package that suits them best so that they do not need to invest time in tailoring a package if they do not want.

Proud to be the best pest control company in Dubai and work hard to maintaining our reputation is important to us. We do this by making sure that everyone that we work with are left happy with the work completed.

Time off

We know that taking time off when running a business hits hard. With this in mind Elite Pest Control Dubai makes sure that we can keep all disruptions to a minimum. And will always use the least invasive methods where possible.  This will greatly reduce downtime and mean that you can go back to day to day operations ASAP.

We also give all of our customers and estimated ETA and make sure that we stick to it. This will allow you to make plans and compromises where needed.

We also have the capacity to allow for pre advanced bookings so that work can be carried out during downtimes. To minimise the impact on your company. We carry out all work with you in mind which is why you’ll find that we try to reduce all disruptions to your business.Alongside this you’ll get everything that you would expect from a normal pest control Sharjah company.

Elite Pest Control Dubai Food and Hygiene

Making sure that your restaurant, hotel, bar or eatery complies with food and hygiene regulations is mandatory for any business that serves food. We understand this and have designed custom tailor made packages for businesses that serve or produce food.

Our methods make sure that all areas where food is produced are pest free. Allowing you to keep your business running with no fear of random inspections.

We also use non human toxic pesticides where needed and make sure that none of your kitchen become unusable. Reducing the amount of money that would otherwise go to waste.

Food hygiene is incredibly important as your business and its reputation relies on it. There are thousands of restaurants and places to eat in both Dubai and Sharjah. Meaning that if word gets out that your eatery has pests you will quickly be replaced. Reputation is everything when being in a competitive industry. We know this as a pest control company, but his is exemplified when you serve food as your at constant fear of being replaced for another restaurant or takeaway.

Protecting Your Tenants With Elite Pest Control Dubai

Apartments complexes can be heaven for pests. The amount of food and hiding places are abundant and this leads to pests be unable to resist moving in. Keeping your tenants safe from pests is paramount to the success of your apartments complexes. And will ensure that you are able to lease them for the amount they deserve. However if you choose to neglect this you could be putting both your tenants and your business at risk.

Your tenants can suffer from illnesses and catch diseases if they come into contact with pests. And as a landlord it is your responsibility to make sure that kept safe and that the apartments are free from pests.

Pests can also cause you apartment complexes to be shut down if you do not rectify the issue as soon as you can. Due to health and safety regulations it is important to spare your tenants the trouble of having pests in their apartment complexes.

Pests can also reduce the value and the amount the you are able to charge your tenants. As if word gets out that you apartments have pests then people will be reluctant to move in.  This will have huge impacts on your business if you then have to reduce the amount that you are leasing out the apartments for.

Elite Pest Control Dubai is always on call and will be able to take care of all pest problems with no issues. Commercial packages are available for landlords and residential companies, who need on going pest control support. Meaning that you will always be given a priority when you call us.

Hotel Pest Control

Dubai is a tourist hotspot, amongst the millions that call it home hundreds of millions people travel to Dubai each year for the sun, sea and excitement. This booming tourist industry has created a huge demand and opportunity for hotels of all price ranges.

Hotels however are now being judged more than ever for the world to see. This can be great for those that perform well but can be disastrous for hotels trying to make a quick buck. By trying to cut corners hotels can quickly ruin their reputation and lose out on thousands of booking from one bad review. From customer service. Quality of the rooms. Food and drink and cleanliness. Hotels are judged on everything and need to make sure that they are on the ball when it comes to running and maintaining their reputation.

Pests can cause a hotel to lost their reputation in no time. And can lead to a huge amount of negative reviews if they are seen by your guests. Unfortunately dubai and sharjah are both built in the desert and avoiding pests are easier said than done. Your hotel is most likely a paradise for pests. The amount of footfall, food, water and crevices to hide in mean that pests will do whatever it takes to get into your hotel.

What can go wrong?

Rats, cockroaches and mice are the most likely pests to be found in hotels. Due to the amount of fallen food to be found. Now keeping you hotel clean can help prevent them but it is likely that you won’t be able to avoid them all together.

Investing in a good pest control package with a good pest control company will mean that pests are quickly dealt with when noticed. Keeping you guests none the wiser. Elite pest control specialise in dealing with hotels and because of our discreet service we are happy to blend in to not raise any suspicion.  This will result in your guest not knowing that pest were found and dealt with at your hotel.

Keeping your guest safe from pests is the responsibility of the hotel. And can completely ruin their holiday should they fall ill because of problems that are easy to deal with. Pests can also lead to hotels being shut down should health and safety body be alerted and decide to inspect. A loss like that is hard if not impossible to recover from and can result in a hotel being shut down for good. And investors losing hundreds of millions. Make sure that your hotel ison top form by investing in one of our hotel business packages that are tailor made for hotels. Give a call and well work out a package that caters to your every need.